• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

‘Baaas’ Azimio Team Excited After Details Leaked Alleging Biggest Order Raila Odinga Has Given Out Today

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Azimio Team during previous event at KICC

One of the most well-known and influential people in the nation of Kenya is Raila Odinga. He is the Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) official party leader at the moment. He was formerly this nation’s prime minister as well. After losing the most recent general elections, Mr. Odinga is now the recognized head of the opposition in Kenya.

Now, this morning, reports about a directive that Mr. Odinga issued have surfaced. The ODM leader has requested an immediate review into the reasons why he lost the previous elections, according to the Daily Nation newspaper. This article claims that Raila Odinga wants a report on the factors that contributed to his narrow defeat.

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He made his statement at a time when some opposition leaders were having a hard time accepting that Mr. Odinga had lost the election. One of them is the leader of the NARC-Kenya party, hon. Martha Karua, who even refused to acknowledge Dr. William Samoe Ruto as the president of Kenya. Currently, both Raila Odinga and his previous running mate are abroad. When they get there, they will direct the juniors against them.

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