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Good News As Sonko Offers Ksh400k To Cop who Will Kill Gang That Kidnapped, Gouged Out 3-year-old’s Eyes

ByGeorge Pinto

Dec 18, 2022
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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered Ksh400,000 to any police officer who will kill members of the gang that gouged out baby Junior Sagini’s eyes.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Sonko expressed utmost disappointment over the unfortunate incident that occurred in Kisii county.

“I’ve really been saddened by this sad incident and hereby offer Ksh400k (400,000/=) to any police officer/officers who will shoot dead the members of this notorious gang and if IPOA walete ujuaji I still offer to stand with the officers wale watadedisha hawa majangili washenzi,” Sonko wrote.

He also pledged to offer Ksh200,000 to anyone who would give information that will lead police to the suspect(s).

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“I also offer a further 200k to anybody who will give information that will lead the police to eliminate this gang of cowards,” he added.

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A three-year-old boy from Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County is admitted to a hospital in Kisii town after his eyes were gouged out by a gang believed to be known.

Doctors have said young Junior Sagini, the victim of the attack, will remain blind for the rest of his life pic.twitter.com/LsSGINKNKa

— Mike Sonko (@MikeSonko) December 17, 2022

Baby Sagini kidnapped

Baby Sagini was kidnapped by unknown people who gouged out his eyes before dumping him at the family’s banana plantation.

The boy was abducted from his parent’s home in Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County on Wednesday evening December 14, 2022, before he was found six hours later at the family’s banana plantation.

The minor’s face was covered with blood when he was found. The unknown person (s) gouged out his eyes before they left.

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The boy was rushed to the Kisii Eye Hospital where doctors determined that his sight was permanently damaged.

“Both his eyes had been removed completely, and there are some injuries in the lids…so it looks like there was a sharp instrument like a knife that was used,” a doctor said.


Initially, police had arrested the boy’s father as a suspect in the investigations but later released him for lack of evidence connecting him to the crime.

The boy’s grandmother Rael Mayieka said that her grandson had gone to fetch water from a nearby spring when the incident happened.

The boy was in the company of other children but it is said that he threw his jerrycan into a nearby thicket and started running away.

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When the other children got home with their jerrycans full of water, they informed the boy’s grandmother of what had happened.

The boy’s grandmother went to the spring searching for her grandson but he was nowhere to be seen.

“We tried to look for him but all our efforts proved futile. The following day, his elder brother who had gone to cut grass for the cows pounced on him in a maize plantation and he came home panting to inform us. We rushed to the scene and found the boy writhing in pain and his eyes gouged out,” Mayieka said.

The boy’s family is calling on the police to speed up investigations and bring the perpetrators of this atrocity to book.

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