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Doctors in Kisii threaten to down their tools over salaries row


Dec 15, 2022
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Doctors in Kisii have threatened to down their tools over delayed salaries.

Nyanza region Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) Secretary Aggrey Orwenyo Nyabuti decried the unfortunate state of affairs stating that the delays have disrupted their work schedules since they are unable to cater for their transport costs to work among other unmet financial duties.

“Our members have been subjected to financial anguish and toxicity as a result of these unreasonable and non-apologetic delays. A situation that is made worse by interrupting insured medical services, inability to meet transport costs to work among other unmet financial obligations,” Nyabuti said in a letter addressed to the County Secretary and Head of Public Service.

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Nyabuti additionally claimed that the county government continuously paid their dues way past the stipulated time which is the fifth of every month.

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He gave an instance where the doctors were paid their January 2022 dues on February 11, then February dues on March 11, March’s dues on April 13, April’s salaries on May 23, while May dues were paid on June 24, and June’s payment was made on July 11. In contrast, the November and December salaries are yet to be made.

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“This goes against the Employment Act 2007 Article 18 (1) (a) and (b) which stipulates that employees’ salaries and wages should be paid at the end of the month worked for,” the letter added.

Nyabuti reiterated that they would down their tools if the county government failed to pay their dues on time.

The Nyanza KMPDU boss also demanded that the county government pays doctors their salaries for November effective immediately failure to which they will not report to work.

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“The purpose of this letter, is to notify you that going forward, whenever salaries and statutory deductions are not paid by the midnight of the 5th day of the following month, our members shall proceed to stay out of work to attend to their financial needs,” he stated.

“This means services at their workstations shall be disrupted without any additional notice. Members shall resume duties once they have been compensated for work done. Further, we demand immediate payment of November 2022 salaries and wages,” Nyabuti added.

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