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Engineers board prohibit use of ‘Engineer’ title by unregistered, unlicensed persons


Dec 10, 2022
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The Engineers Board of Kenya has prohibited the use of the term ‘Engineer’ by unregistered or unlicensed persons.

According to a statement by the Board’s Chief Executive Officer Engineer Margaret Ogal, the use of the term aforementioned by non-registered people is illegal.

While taking issue with the frequent use of the title, Ogal warned that using the title when one is unlicensed is punishable by law.

She added that willfully and falsely using the title ‘engineer’ to describe one’s occupation or displays on cards or boards to imply that one is an engineer will also attract legal measures.

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“The Engineers Act 2011 prohibits the use of the term “engineer” by unregistered or unlicensed persons. It states in Section 47 (2) that a person who is not registered or licensed under this Act commits an offence,” Ogal stated.

“This communication, therefore, serves to bring the above breach of the law to the attention of such persons and the public and direct such persons to cease from impersonating such therefore misleading the public,” Ogal added.

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Further, she noted that the board has a list of registered engineers published on their database for reference purposes. They equally advised members of the public to always confirm with the list on their site to avoid being duped.

“The public is informed that a list of registered engineers is annually published in the Kenyan Gazette and can also be accessible from our website www.ebk.go.ke,” the statement added.

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