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‘Every chemist has a backroom’: how medicalised FGM risks gains made in Kenya


Dec 15, 2022
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A move away from public ceremonies to secret cutting by health workers is one of the greatest threats to eliminating the abusive practice, say campaigners

In Kisii town, south-west Kenya, a rundown roadside building houses a pharmacy. Narrow broken windows allow little light into the bare-shelved dispensary. The ground floor is partitioned into two small rooms, one covered in cloths concealing what lies beneath; in the other, a single bed is just visible through a gap in the curtains.

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Like many others in the area, the pharmacy doubles as a clinic. Lilian Kemunto*, a former surgical nurse, set it up after she retired in 2018. She mainly does health check-ups but has also offered female genital mutilation (FGM) services on request.

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