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Gatundu South deaf, dumb man finds niche in riding motorbike


Dec 25, 2022
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For Samuel Ngata from Kagema village in Gatundu South, Kiambu County, working as a bodaboda rider is a job he executes with passion, care, and dedication, virtues that most motorcyclists do not have.

Though deaf and dumb, Ngata is not dampened by his predicament, as he always exhibits courage in his chosen daily riding activities.

Ngata, who is in his 30s, has proven that one can still lead a fulfilling life even with a hearing and speech impairment.

The hardworking man who was born deaf, is among the few differently abled but aggressive persons in the country who have shunned the life of begging and have instead undertaken to make a life out of their God-given talents.

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Despite his hearing and speech challenges, Ngata has been riding his bike at the hilly village and beyond, a devotion that has left his fellow riders tongues wagging.

Many admire deaf man’s abilities

The riders led by Zachary Warui said they have nothing but admiration for the inspirational man with many saying they have not had a bad experience with him.

Ngata’s grasp and understanding of the motorbike business is what dumbfounds many as he is able to communicate with customers in writing, gets them to their destinations with ease, collects riding fee from them and returns the correct change when necessary.

Most riders said his disability has forced them to, through interactions, learn sign languages that he mostly uses to deliver his messages to them and customers.

However, Warui said that new customers sometimes suffer language barriers as they interact with him but ultimately get to understand each other.

“Sometimes we however suffer language barriers as we may not understand all the gestures he uses to communicate. New customers suffer most but through our intervention, we are able to ease the process,” said Warui.

According to John Njoroge Rungu, Ngata works cordially with his customers and is very responsible when it comes to careful riding, a unique virtue that earns him more customers than the normal riders.

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Micah Mburu Kimani, the man who helped him begin the business after a long stay in Ruiru, Kiambu County lauded Ngata for being responsible in his undertaking.

Mburu says that the differently abled man does not engage in societal vices and is always focused on growing his business.

“Ngata does not take alcohol or cigarettes. Being sober makes him work smart as he is able to save some of the money he makes from the business. When others are engaged in drinking sprees, he returns home after business to relax and prepare for the next day,” noted Mburu.

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