• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Good News To TV Viewers As Maria Returns in Lulu Hassan and Citizen TV’s SULTANA

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Yasmin Said, a popular Citizen TV Maria actress, will appear on Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s show Sultana.

The Swahili news duo announced the return of Yasmin, who portrayed the character of a slum girl named Maria in the series drama Maria, which ended in 2021, on social media platforms.

Lulu revealed in a statement on Friday, November 11, that Maria’s return was part of a crossover on Sultana, which is currently airing on Citizen TV.

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She also shared a clip from a Sultana scene in which Maria was filmed at a dump site.

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As part of their crossover, more actors and actresses from Maria will appear in their new show, according to the news anchor.

“Maria, welcome to Sultana. Soon, you’ll be able to catch more of your favorite Maria artists on Sultana. The crossover was one of the first in East Africa. The story becomes more exciting, “Lulu made the announcement.

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“Her path is littered with omens, and her life is riddled with scars, but she is here with us, full of love and hope. Jiffy pictures are becoming celebrities “Rashid Abdalla, Lulu’s husband, agreed.

Yasmin, for her part, expressed her delight at her return while insisting that she will remain true to her role as Maria.

“Do you believe Maria will assist Buya? Join us in welcoming Maria to Sultana. What is to come is fantastic “She was referring to the video shared by the new anchors.

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Clips from the scene announcing Maria’s return have already aired on Citizen TV as part of the show’s promotion.

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