• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Kenya Kwanza Insider Reveals What Ruto Is Silently Doing For Raila Odinga While Pretending To Be Criticizing Him In Public

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President William Ruto is indeed out to appease Azimio La Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga, political analyst Macharia Munene observes.

In public, Ruto has been painting an image of a man who wants nothing to do with the opposition, and who wants it to remain in the opposition.

He has ruled out giving opposition members jobs in his government, while accusing Raila and team of taking advantage of their closeness with former President Uhuru Kenyatta to mess things in Kenya.

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But Munene opines that in secret, Ruto is trying to secure a truce with Raila and team, hence the push for creation of the Opposition Leader’s office.

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He is of the opinion that the plan is to massage the egos of Raila and those close to him, by giving them a soft landing after their defeat to him in August, and could even give them a share of his government.

“One, the proposals are backdoor ‘handshakes’ and attempted ‘power sharing’ deals designed to accommodate and pamper the egos and political appetites of political elites. This is contrary to his pre-election commitments,” he writes in The Standard.

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Munene says that this lands Ruto in the same place Uhuru and Raila, the BBI founders, were, when he was bashing them for rushing to amend the constitution to make positions for the political elite.

“Appearing to exude airs of insensitivity to public concerns, his early mistakes are seemingly equal the Uhuru/Raila BBI blunders,” he adds.

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