• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Kenyans Informed Why Raila Might Soon Unveil His Own Cabinet, Told What Might Happen Afterwards

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Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s recent attacks on the Kenya Kwanza administration are not for no reason, political analyst Daniel Orogo has said.

Raila has been bashing Ruto over unkept campaign promises and alleged refusal to come through for Kenyans, who are still dealing with high living costs.

He has since released a list of demands Ruto must work on soon, warning that if this is not done, then serious consequences shall follow.

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Orogo told The Star Raila highlighted on the areas he wants changes in to prepare Kenyans for the unveiling of a shadow cabinet to tackle Ruto.

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He claims that the cabinet members will afterwards use the issues Raila listed in Kamukunji to try and keep Ruto’s government in check.

Fellow analyst Fred told the paper that everything Raila is doing is aimed at endearing himself to the people, as he eyes a comeback after his loss to Ruto.

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“When everyone believes his fate has been decided, he bounces back with a survival strategy and it always works. His puzzling and inexplicable politics keeps him afloat in all political seasons,” he says.

After the Kamukunji rally, Ruto responded by writing to the parliament to begin the process of amending the law to create the Opposition Leader’s office.

This, allies of Raila have observed, is aimed at boxing the former Premier into a constitutional office, to prevent him from further countering Ruto.

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