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“Mt Kenya People Do Not Hate Uhuru” Azimio Insider Now Reveals, Says This About Ruto’s UDA

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SUBA NORTH Member of Parliament Hon. Millicent Odhiambo has disclosed that in today’s Daily Nation, she saw a quote from a man she respects very much, because of his integrity and honest opinions – Prof. Gitire Naituli saying: ” The Mt. Kenya region was never in UDA. The vote was against Uhuru Kenyatta….they simply took the most convenient enemy of Uhuru Kenyatta to demonstrate to him how much they hated him…”

I have studied psychology and the character of my community for decades. I can say without any fear of contradiction that Mt Kenya people do not hate Uhuru. They did not make him an enemy and voted against him. The deriding and jokes that were made against him during the campaigns were only meant to discourage the people from voting for his choice. The people were clear that Uhuru should be respected and not harassed. I think Ruto understands that ” touching” Uhuru would upset his Mt. Kenya base and may lose support. When he appointed Uhuru as a special envoy in the peacemaking efforts in DRC and Ethiopia, the Mt. Kenya people were happy. You could hear them saying as much openly.

The reason why they voted as they did is because of their morbid fear of Raila and his community; and their extreme hatred against them.

There is a history to this irrational reasoning of Mt. Kenya. In the years preceding independence, Jaramogi, a Luo, declined the colonialists’ invitation to form the government, but instead advocated for the release of Jomo Kenyatta from colonial dungeons! They both of them founded the KANU party (whose membership was drawn from the Gema and the Luo) and lobbied for a Unitary State Constitution. They participated in the subsequent elections and won against KADU whose membership was drawn from the Kalenjin, the Miji Kenda, the Luhya, and the Maa.

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They formed the government, with Kenyatta as President and Jaramogi as his vice. Then disagreements arose over government policies and actions. Jaramogi and Bildad Kaggia complained about the grabbing of land and the shortchanging of the MauMau who had been expropriated and dispossessed. They also complained about the creeping corruption and emerging nepotism and tribalism. The Jomo regime embarked on a brutal campaign to undermine Jaramogi and his group. Jaramogi could not bear it anymore. He resigned as Vice President. He formed a political party Kenya Peoples Union (KPU). Those who joined KPU were forced to resign from Parliament and subjected to byelections. When members of KADU “crossed the floor” they were not forced to resign and seek a fresh mandate in elections. The KPU candidates were frustrated during the bi-elections and many were rigged out. When Jomo went to commission a hospital in Kisumu, chaos erupted and Jaramogi was subsequently detained. Several other members of KPU were detained. Jaramogi and anybody associated with him were subjected to humiliation, political harassment, and economically impoverished. Read ” Not Yet Uhuru” by Jaramogi and ” In the Shadows of My Father” by Oburu Odinga and ” The Flame of Freedom ” by Raila Odinga.

The Nyanza region was neglected, discriminated and marginalized. The region was deliberately stunted. Kisumu City was held back from realizing its potential.

The assassination of Tom Mboya broke whatever straw bridge had remained. There is no other community that has suffered political assassinations, detentions, imprisonments, extrajudicial killings, and economic and job discrimination than those from Nyanza.

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To entrench the discrimination and deepen the anti-luo hatred, some dark forces within the Jomo regime forced the people in the Mt Kenya region to partake in the illegal oath in 1969! ( Read ” Fun into flames” by Rev John Gatu).

I believe that the above has caused my people to have a great fear of revenge and retaliation. During the campaigns this year, several key leaders from Mt. Kenya publicly confessed that they deliberately soiled the image of Raila by churning out stereotypes and propaganda. Otherwise, there was nothing wrong with Raila and his community!

The Mt. Kenya hatred against Raila and his community is so illogical and unreasonable. There is no basis. However, whenever there is an issue, like ICC, Alcoholic abuse, economic difficulties, etc, they always find a way of linking Raila to the issue for blaming. It is unreasonable and illogical to think that Raila could influence the ICC system. It is equally obnoxious to blame Raila for ills in government when he was out of government. I just laughed when I heard of Raila being accused of rampant alcohol abuse in our region. If you want to experience the hatred, just observe our people and note the hate comments they make whenever Raila appears on Tv or is mentioned in the news or newspaper, or social media. I have never seen the type of anger expressed in their eyes, faces, and comments. What is disappointing is that some people who should be opinion shapers, intellectuals, and principled still exhibit the same. I have seen ” born again” people, intelligent and elites throwing the same illogical and unreasonable reasoning and abuses, like unlearned tribal bigots.

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I know that there are some people from Nyanza who have reverse hatred. However, in my study, I noted that Raila and other Nyanza leaders and the people in the region have at times forgiven and supported Mt. Kenya. Raila proclaimed ” Kibaki Tosha” and subsequently went ahead to campaign for Kibaki while he was in a wheelchair. Despite the effort and success, Raila and the region were frustrated when what was then called “Mt. Kenya Mafia” blocked the famous “MOU”.

Raila and Nyanza joined Mt. Kenya in advocating for a return to multipartism and then a new constitution and devolution. Raila surprisingly supported Uhuru after the handshake.

I have not seen or heard of any return of favor by Mt. Kenya. President Uhuru tried to break the cycle of hatred by supporting Baba for Presidency in 2022, but his efforts were undermined and frustrated, and rejected by the leaders and the people.

It’s interesting, however, that whenever Mt. Kenya is oppressed by a certain issue, they always seek support from Raila and his people saying: ” Raila tunakuomba ututetee.” And you know what Raila does it! I have never seen a man who does not hold grudges like Raila! He even appointed some people from Mt Kenya to Parliament. I have not seen anyone from Nyanza who has ever been appointed by Mt Kenya!

It is ironic that Mt Kenya can not forgive Nyanza for whatever reason, but can forgive Rift Valley! It baffles me.

This is my honest assessment. What is your take?

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