• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

New Twist as Itumbi Alleges Why 2 Indian IT Experts Were Murdered by Killer DCI Squad

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Hours after bones, belts and clothes believed to be of the two missing Indian Information Technology (IT) experts and their driver were reported to have been found in the Aberdare Forest after a two-day search, Hustler Nation Intelligence Burea Spokesperson Dennis Itumbi has broken his silence.

This was after their death was largely connected to the DCI’s Killer Special Services Unit (SSU) which was recently disbanded by President William Ruto. The three were reportedly kidnapped by SSU officers on July 25, 2022 before their suspected body parts were found.


Taking to his social media pages, Itumbi claimed that SSU unit was literally used to Kidnap, assault, maim and Kill innocent people. He said the unit targeted those who supported the election of Ruto as President and that the two Indian IT experts were part of Itumbi’s allies as they coordinated the August 2022 elections.

He said the two, Zaid and Brian were two guys who were handling the moving parts of their online strategy. He said they had volunteered to offer them free IT skills.

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“This was one unit that was literally used to Kidnap, assault, maim and Kill innocent people. They targeted those who supported the election of Ruto as President. Zaid, was such one person. A good soul, a happy guy who was here to tour Kenya. When I first met him he gave me his card and said he had been attracted by our campaign online strategy and offered to support us for free with his skills,” read part of his post.

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He added that the two provided his team with over 1,000 pieces of creative content and that whenever his team needed graphic content, Itumbi could send it their way and they paused whatever they were doing and did him the favour.

He added that Zaid and Ahmad were just good people who became his friends and in the process, they connected with some of his digital team.

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