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Oburu Odinga undergoes knee surgery in India

ByGeorge Pinto

Nov 27, 2022
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Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga on Saturday, November 26, 2022, successfully underwent knee surgery in India.

Speaking to India’s TV5 News channel, Odinga who is the brother of opposition leader Raila Odinga stated that he was responding well to treatment.

He additionally lauded India’s medical sector for providing affordable and effective healthcare services.

“Since I came, I have received the best treatment. I have been treated in Kenyan hospitals before but I find the treatment here in India to be good and cheap,” he stated.

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The lawmaker explained that like most Kenyans, he chose to seek treatment in India because the services were relatively cheap compared to Kenyan hospitals.

He further alleged that Kenyan hospitals overcharged patients irrespective of the ailment diagnosed.

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“Kenyan hospitals overcharge people for treatment of even simple diseases, which is why many Kenyans come to India for treatment. It is not because Kenya could not treat my knee. It is because if I treated my knee in Kenya it would have cost me three times what it cost me in India,” the senator alluded.

While expressing optimism about his journey to recovery, the first-term senator affirmed that he will soon be bouncing back to his day-to-day activities once he returns to Kenya.

“I’m recovering from the treatment, I feel great, I am a golfer and I hope when I return back to my country Kenya, I will go back to the golf field and start again to kick the ball,” he added.

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Treatment in India

Notable people such as Raila and his daughter Rosemary Odinga, and the late mama Lucy Kibaki among others have received medication in India.

Earlier this year, Rosemary publicly disclosed that she had fully regained her eyesight after a successful surgery in the Asian country.

Rosemary, who developed an eyesight problem in 2019, was flown to India for a medical check-up in early February 2022.

The mother of two underwent a medical procedure at Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research Center in Kerala, southwestern coast of India. The medical facility is known for using ancient medical treatment practices.

“Before coming to India for treatment, I was pretty much living in darkness. I was simply existing,” Rosemary told an Indian media outlet.

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Rosemary had earlier received treatment in South Africa, Germany, Israel and China to no avail. She revealed that they resorted to India following a recommendation from one of her dad’s friends.

She further stated that she was now able to see clearly after the traditional treatment.

India is known for its specialized and effective treatment of diseases. Many Kenyans opt for the Asian country to cure illnesses such as cancer.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that 40,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed annually. Out of this, 10,000 patients seek treatment in India, spending nearly Ksh10 billion.

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