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Police gun down suspected thug in Starehe


Jan 4, 2023
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Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have gunned down a suspected thug in Starehe.

In a statement, DCI said Charles Gitau Mwangi alias Baroda was the head of a gang trying to establish its base in Mathare and its environs, following the anihilation of the infamous Katombi gang that was completely wiped out from the area last year.

“Charles Gitau Mwangi alias Baroda, 22, who has been on the detectives’ radar for the past few weeks was fatally wounded in a barrage of gunfire, after he defied orders to surrender and attacked one of our men.

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“The detectives who were responding to distress calls of Uuuuuwi! Uuuuuwi! Wezi! Ndio hao! from distressed members of the public went after ‘Baroda’ and two of his accomplices at breakneck speed, with the thumping of their boots pounding against the ground grudgingly as they breathed down the suspects neck,” DCI said in a statement.

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DCI chases thugs

The thugs were escaping from a scene of crime at Mlango Kubwa, where they had attacked a woman headed at work at around 8am and took away her mobile phone and other valuables leaving her wailing in anguish.

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“After jumping over a few puddles of stagnant water as the thugs headed towards Muthaiga bridge, the battle hardened crime busters credited for ridding Mathare, Huruma and Pangani off criminal gangs, hastened Baroda’s appointment with his creator, after he defied orders to surrender and turned on the officers with a home made firearm capable of firing and a dagger.

“This is after he turned on the officer leading the charge closely behind him and opened fire missing his head by a whisker, prompting the officer to return fire and stop the shenanigans with finality,” DCI stated.

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The deceased’s accomplices escaped the onslaught narrowly but with bullet injuries.

A firearm capable of firing, 2 rounds of 9mm calibre, a knife and the stolen mobile phone were recovered from the fallen suspect.

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